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Biofficina Toscana: an eco-organic story


The fruits of our land came together with our driving ideas, principles, and passion to make Biofficina Toscana, a line of "0 km", eco-organic cosmetics, ICEA certified, Vegan OK, and adhering to the ICEA-LAV "Not Tested on Animals" international standard.

Our products embody an artisanal approach, innovation, nature and science and their safety is guaranteed by dermatological and nickel tests, plus our direct knowledge of the origin and history of every ingredient, all strictly organic.


Our products are the expression of our young, dynamic company, started by two young women, Eva Casagli and Claudia Lami, coming from backgrounds in history/journalism and science/environment, respectively.

Biofficina Toscana grew up in a family atmosphere, based on a perfect marriage of ideas, passions, and differing, but complementary energies. Eva and Claudia are in constant dialogue about their products, how they are made, and marketing and commercial decisions. Biofficina Toscana came to be when they both sought to reinvent themselves, by making something that would meet their high standards, in which they could believe and could make good use their skills.

An essential component of the excellent results we have achieved has been Biofficina Toscana’s defining spirit of teamwork, a bond between the two founders and the other member of our young, dynamic.



"In five years, Biofficina has grown a great deal with new local ingredients, new markets, and major new experiences, including taking part in international trade fairs like Biofach."


In addition to the Italian market, Biofficina is very active abroad, exporting to countries such as Switzerland, Poland, Bulgaria, Japan, Korea and Russia. In Japan Biofficina Toscana has been featured in magazines the caliber of Vogue, and its tonic lotion was chosen as the best eco-organic product of 2012, after only three months on the market.


Our ethos


Care for the environment is not a movement or ideology. It is the next step in our evolution. Daniel Goleman


Think global, act local!


Biofficina Toscana's growth has not changed our core essence. We are still about ongoing collaborations with friends, family members, and people we trust to respect our founding principles. Biofficina Toscana has stayed true to itself, following an exact path, summed up in a few, meaningful, key concepts:







One of Biofficina Toscana's most essential aspects is striving towards 0 km living. Biofficina makes each of its products from materials sourced locally and they are made not only in our country, Italy, but in our region, Tuscany.

We should make it clear that it is no easy matter to source organic, biodynamic ingredients locally, especially for a small, young company like Biofficina, as they often require minimum orders and entail higher costs. Eva and Claudia did not let themselves be discouraged and forged on with the support of those who have always appreciated their undertaking.

Another challenge is maintaining competitive prices, which are very reasonable at Biofficina Toscana, in line with giving an excellent quality value for the price, with locally sourced products. Ironically, 0 km ingredients are more expensive than imported ones, which might be certified organic, but come from countries in Eastern Europe # or further away. What's more, some of the biodynamic, local ingredients that Biofficina Toscana uses are also highly valued as food. What's more, some of the biodynamic, organic local ingredients that Biofficina Toscana uses — such as extra virgin olive oil, honey, sea buckthorn and hot pepper — are also highly valued as food.


Yet, this is how we choose to work at Biofficina Toscana, supporting the actual use of top quality Tuscan ingredients, finding them and sourcing them locally ourselves, knowing where and how they are grown, by whom, how they are extracted... let's just say, we know the full story that each ingredient has to tell!


We have pursued this approach from the start, as we believe firmly that making products that move towards 0 km sourcing, instead of different materials from abroad, is an enormous step towards eco-compatibility and demonstrates the true concern for the environment of our eco-organic cosmetics.

Throughout our company's growth, we have stayed committed to developing this special quality.

Starting with biodynamic extracts from the Tuscan-Emilian Appenines, organic extra virgin olive oil from Pisa's hills, organic honey from the Parco di Migliarino on the Tuscan coast, biodynamic sea buckthorn and biodynamic hot pepper from crops in Cecina (the coastal area near Livorno), Biofficina has gone on to choose and procure new organic Tuscan ingredients: honey from Lucca's hills, extra virgin oil from Siena’s hills and our patented extracts Uviox®-Oleox® are made exclusively for Biofficina from Chianti grape skins and olives from Siena’s hills.

But it doesn't end there for new Tuscan ingredients. Our making of new products goes hand in hand with ongoing research to find new special ingredients from our local area to use in their pure state or to make exclusive organic extracts. The goal is a line of products reflecting the qualities of the land from which they come.


Eco-organic cosmetics towards 0 km.       


Biofficina Toscana, our eco-organic cosmetics


At Biofficina Toscana we formulate our products with special concern for their raw materials and active ingredients, using biodynamic extracts and state-of-the-art patented ingredients, with the finest local, organic materials. We pay attention to making their use versatile and their concentration high, for careful, conscious use that avoids waste. Our packaging is more than just beautiful, meeting criteria of sustainability and practicality too. The packaging is all recyclable plastic, designed for quality, easy use, and proper conservation of the contents.


Biofficina Toscana product certifications:

All Biofficina Toscana products are certified.


ICEA CERTIFICATIONS (Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification)

Eco-organic cosmetics are made adhering to a list of substances that are not allowed (PEG, parabens, petrolatum, silicones, SLS, SLES, artificial coloring, etc.); without using GMOs; using ingredients from certified organic and biodynamic agriculture.



Icea-Lav (Anti-vivisection league) “Stop testing on animals”

Certification complying with international "Not tested on animals" standards that set the criteria for a cruelty-free, including both testing of individual ingredients and the end product, whose testing on animals is prohibited under Directive 2003/15/CE.



Dermatologically Tested

Their safety and efficacy are ensured by clinical and dermatological tests at the University of Pavia.



Nickel Tested < 0.00001%

Every production batch undergoes nickel testing to ensure that it has less than 0.00001% nickel content to protect consumers from any risk of intolerance or allergy.

Features of Biofficina Toscana products:

Natural: Just read the ingredients!

Certified: They adhere to ICEA standards for certifying eco-organic cosmetics. This means they contain no PEGs, parabens, petrolatum, paraffin, SLSs, SLES, silicones or artificial coloring.

Tested: Their safety and effectiveness are guaranteed by clinical and dermatological tests conducted by the University of Pavia. They also undergo nickel testing to protect consumers from intolerance and allergy.

Biodizionario approved: Formulated in accordance with Biodizionario guidelines.

Local: : Made with extracts of plants grown in Tuscany and high quality Tuscan ingredients like sea buckthorn and hot pepper oil from biodynamic crops grown in Tuscany's Maremma region, organic Tuscan extra virgin olive oil from Pisa’s and Siena’s hills, special organic beach honey from the Parco di Migliarino and organic honey for Lucca's hills. Made in local laboratories, specialized in making certified eco-organic cosmetics with a Quality Management System certified UNI EN ISO 9001.


Organic and biodynamic: Formulated with extracts and high quality local ingredients from organic, biodynamic agriculture, combining organic care for farming with respect for the earth, following and supporting its natural processes.

Versatile and concentrated: the products are designed to be versatile in their use, fulfilling many purposes in one product. They are also all highly concentrated so that very small amounts suffice. Even the sample packets can be used sparingly (for example, the facial cream sample packet can be used at least three times). Biofficina Toscana embraces conscious consumption based on quality rather than quantity and waste!

Naturally scented and variable: Their fragrances come from 100% pure fine essential oils. Because they are made with natural ingredients, they may change over time due to the cycles of nature that may cause variation in color or scents between product batches. This is a guarantee of their natural quality, which sets our products apart, imbuing them with personality, evidence of their artisan nature. This means that each product is unique and never absolutely identical to the others.

Low environmental impact: In the production process, we use no petrochemical solvents and adhere to the principles of "green chemistry". For the packaging as well, we chose to use less material, forgoing boxes or leaflets and opting for screen printing instead of the usual labels to avoid creating waste when the product is finished. Our catalogs and all other informational materials are made of FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper, made of 100% recycled fibers, bleached without using chlorine.

Not tested on animals: In compliance with Directive 2003/15/EC of the European Community, our finished products are not tested on animals. We also use no animal-derived ingredients in our line (except for organic honey and propolis). We also adhere to the "Not tested on animals" international standard, which fights increased testing of cosmetic ingredients on animals, ensuring a "cruelty free" company policy with ICEA-LAV verification: “Stop testing on animals”.

Ingredients in Biofficina Toscana products:

Biofficina Toscana products are made with innovative formulas: extracts and state-of-the-art patented ingredients, including: Uviox®, Oleox®, Hidropom® as well as Phytaluronate®, in which innovative molecules instead of the usual esterquat in conditioners give hair texture and performance the level of silicon conditioners used by professional hairdressers. An innovative system of highly gentle preservatives is used for the damage-preventing facial emulsion and for the children's line, which now also has innovative natural moisturizing agents made from olive oil.


Uviox ®: A patented extract made from the fresh skins of red grape selected among the richest in biophenols from certified organic agriculture. It has a powerful antioxidant effect because of its high water solubility and stability of its biophenols. The molecules in Uviox ® also actively inhibit MMP2 metalloproteinase which causes damage to collagen and other proteins, such as elastin. Ideal as an anti-wrinkle treatment and to protect skin from damage caused by sun exposure.

Uviox® is made exclusively for Biofficina from organic Chianti Senese grape skins.



Oleox ®: A patented extract made from the bioliquefaction of fresh olives which have a powerful antioxidant effect. Oleox ® has a very high concentration of biophenols to counter damage caused by free radicals, strengthening natural defense systems, while protecting the skin against UVB rays by acting as a sunscreen.

Oleox® is made exclusively for Biofficina from organic Crete Senesi olives.


Hydropom®: bioliquefied tomato made with M.A.C. technology (microdispersed aqueous carotenoids),containing microdispersed aqueous licopenes, polyphenols and natural sugars. Lycopene has a protective effect on the cellular lines of fibroblasts subjected to UVA rays and a powerful protective effect on skin exposed to UBB rays.

The topical application of active ingredients rich in lycopene and other natural antioxidants in tomatoes are an excellent approach to boosting the skin's normal defenses to UV ray exposure and attacks from pollution and oxidative stresses.


Phytaluronate ®: a naturally-derived alternative to hyaluronic acid and collagen. Made from Ceratonia Siliqua seeds. Its anti-dehydrating and protective properties have a beneficial effect on the skin's surface texture, helping maintain the skin's elasticity and firmness. This makes it an effective anti-aging and anti-wrinkle agent.


Iricalmin, a moisturizing biocomplex that rebuilds the protective layer of your skin.


PoreAway, made from mastic with a sebum-regulating effect.



> Biofficina Toscana's products are based on quality, local ingredients. We know their history, origins, and the farming methods used to make them. Along with the certifications, this ensures safety and quality.


o Biodynamic extracts: made from biodynamic farming in the Tuscan-Emilian Appenine region, in the midst of a nature reserve, ensuring the quality of these biodynamic crops.


o Biodynamic sea buckthorn oil: a quality with many properties - antioxidant, soothing, anti-irritant. In addition to being local and biodynamic, the farm that produces it, "San Mario" located in Cecina (near Livorno) lets the plants lie for a full year instead of the usual six months. This means that when they grow back they have a greater concentration of active ingredients.


o Biodynamic hot pepper: our hot pepper is from the "Bio Peperita" farm which produces a wide variety of hot peppers. We chose the pepper with the highest amount of capsaicin (capsaicin is the component that makes it spicy and is the active ingredient in cosmetic products).This makes our hot pepper lotion (with the combined effect of capsaicin, green tea, and caffeine) excellent for reinvigorating circulation and firming skin. It is also suggested against cellulite.


o Organic Tuscan beach honey: from the small farm "Sapori mediterranei" in the Park of Migliarino San Rossore, on the Tuscan coast. When you open the container, it unleashes a special scent, evoking helichrysum and the plant life of the sandy dunes of our beaches. It isn't as sweet as other types of honey and it is excellent in food too.


o Organic Tuscan extra virgin olive oil, cold pressed, Tuscan olive oil, world renowned for its quality and low acidity. We use the oil from new harvests, which is the best for food too. It comes from Siena and Pisa’s hills, from a project for restoring hillside ancient olive groves.