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About Us

We are a family based corporation located in California. Our name is MILANO LIFE AND DESIGN, INC. and the name of our Shop in Coronado is “MilanoCoronado. Our Corp. and store are named after the city where my mom – and co-owner of the company – was born and lived for many years.

You may CONTACT US for any inquiry 

via email at 

or by phone : (619) 841 9790

Our store in Coronado is closed. We are looking for a new location. You may find us at temporary stores and fund raising events.


My mom and I run a company in Italy producing and selling environmental analysers to detect the pollution in the air where people work or in the products. Our background as entrepreneurs in the international, industrial, chemical field gives us the necessary skills to select the Italian certified producers for our online store and ensure that the skincare and haircare products for men and women are natural, chemical free, not tested on animals, eco-bio from certified organic farming vegetable ingredientsOur catalog has only a few products that contain honey. All the other products are VEGAN and easily discernable by the “Vegan ok” icon. These products are NATURAL and EFFECTIVE, RICH in VEGETABLE FUNCTIONAL SUBSTANCES that make all the products worth so much more in comparison to the non natural ones : not just because of the high quality of the raw materials from organic farming or spontaneous growth they contain, but because they are concentrates and will last you at least up to 3 times more than the non natural ones. When using our NATURAL PRODUCTS bear in mind less is more and you need to apply only a small quantity to your skin or hair to achieve excellent results.

I was born and raised in Italy where I studied and obtained my two Master's Degrees (one in Law and another one in Philosopy and Foreign Literatures and Languages). I divide my time and my personal and professional life between Italy and California. I have always had fashion and cruelty free ethics in my DNA. I ran a retail shop and an online store for several years in my town in Italy, I designed and produced fashion jewelry and I have always been active in the animal welfare issues in my country. I am a proud “rescue pet mama” and I still volunteer for many towns in Italy for the animal welfare and to coordinate the many rescue actions of the firefighters who are phenomenal as far as rescuing both people and wild animals or pets. I recently wrote in collaboration with the Italian State Veterinary Service Dept. the Town Rules for the Animal Welfare and this set of rules was approved by the city of Seregno and will be used by the State Veterinary Service Dept. as the Guidelines for all the towns in Lombardia. I also host a monthly web TV program on animal welfare and I have therefore come to be very attentive and selective about what I eat and what I put on my skin. This is why I put so much information in my online store to make sure that my potential customers may choose what to buy knowing that it will meet their expectations and needs. I want their experience to be almost as complete as the one they’d have if they  came to purchase or pick up the items at our store in Coronado.

We put our utmost effort to provide you with high quality, organic products made in Italy and in Tuscany from certified organic farming ingredients. In the “About Us” drop down menu of our online store you may find all the Producers’ ethical principles and certifications.

We added to our Online Store also Fine Clothes for Men and Women, Women's Shoes, Bags, Scarves, Jewelry.