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Guiding Principles and Certifications

Our ONLINE STORE offers a complete range of MADE IN ITALY, NATURAL,





ALL OUR PRODUCTS are characterized by different active ingredients specifically studied for the well-being, protection and respect of the delicacy and needs of all skin and hair types.
The formulas have been completely renewed, through avant-garde studies of natural products and of the ingredients’ synergy have led to high performance formulas with an affinity to the customers’ requirements.
Precious ingredients, dosed in the correct proportions that, with their natural characteristics, are able to satisfy everybody’s needs and to guarantee a great result. These products are very rich in active ingredients, therefore you need to apply a very small quantity of product for the best result. They are at least 5 times more effective than the corresponding similar products, which means you will only need to use 1/5 of product or less. This is an important information that plays a crucial role in understanding the correct use and the price of these concentrate products.

We carry the lines of three Italian Producers : Biofficina Toscana, Bjobj by San.Eco.Vit, Dr. Taffi.



The “bjobj” body cosmetic products are a concentrated mix of natural and organic ingredients, with a rich formula that doesn’t include any silicon, synthetic dyes, SLS, SLES nor animal-derived substances. 

Products that express a different way to take care of one’s self, careful, complete and natural.



Goji berries are small red fruits coming from Tibet. They have been known for a long time and they are considered to be amongst the most nutritionally dense fruits on Earth in terms of vitamins, minerals, carotinoids, polysaccharides, fatty acids (essential, linoleic, α-linolenic) and other important nutrients. Considering the significant nutrients content of this fruit,Goji berry extract is the perfect ingredient to create a unique and valuable line of face and body products with anti-aging properties. Our Laboratories have studied and developed formulas rich in anti-aging ingredients combined with this precious extract. The result is a line of products to preserve youth and dedicated to face and body skin care. Argan and Rosa Mosqueta oils, Hyaluronic acid and Coenzyme Q10 combined with exotic extracts of Camu Camu and Maca are just some of the ingredients we have mixed to create this unique and extraordinary line specifically created to maintain your skin young, hydrated, supple and glowing.   The products of the bjobi Goji line are certified ECO BIO COSMETICS by ICEADERMATOLOGICALLY TESTEDNICKEL TESTED and do not contain animal or animal-derived substance

Our face skin is the first message we deliver, a visiting card that reveals how much we care for it, its beauty and well-being.

bjobj face line, new formulas accurately studied and revisited, avant-garde products exploiting the characteristics of functional ingredients such as precious oils and butters with anti-ageing and elasticizing properties, beauty molecules such as Hyaluronic Acid in its new hydrolyzed status and Q10 Co-enzyme, vegetal extracts obtained, where possible, from organinc farming, which, according to the needs of skin types, boast their purifying, soothing and refreshing effects.

The bjobj face line allows to find the most suitable treatment to maintain beautiful, glowing, protected and young-looking any kind of skin, delicate or reddened, mixed or impure, normal, dry or mature.

The bjobj face line products are ECO BIO certified, DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED and NICKEL TESTED.


The bjobj face cream do not contain silicone substances (of petrochemical origin whose function is to improve product performance), but only very nourishing vegetal oils that make the formula particularly rich.

For this reason a small quantity is all it takes to moisturize and nourish your facial skin. Simply massage lightly and briefly to allow the product to be fully absorbed into the skin.


Bjobj offers a complete range of hair products characterized by different active ingredients specifically studied for the well-being, protection and respect of the delicacy and needs of all hair types.

The formulas have been completely renewed, thorough avant-garde studies of natural products and of the ingredients’ synergy have led to high performance formulas with an affinity to the customers’ requirements.

Precious ingredients, dosed in the correct proportions that, with their natural characteristics, are able to satisfy everybody’s needs, we have OATS with its nutritional and reinforcing properties ideal for fine and split hair, ALOE specific for dry and fragile hair, WHITE CLAY ideal for greasy hair with and without dandruff, energizing SEA WATER excellent for frequent washing and OLIVE OIL with its natural nutrients ideal for fragile and treated hair.

The products of the bjobj hair range are all certified ECO BIO, approved and certified by the Anti-Vivisection League, dermatologically and nickel tested.


bjobj Teen cosmetic line for face and body is specifically studied for young skin. It is fresh, gentle, soft, with moisturizing and revitalizing properties for your body. The body cream adds a pleasant glow with a shimmering effect on your skin.

A synergy of precious ingredients with balancing effects for your face to prevent the annoying oily effect typical of young skin presenting small impurities.

bjobj Teen is a cosmetic line rich in vegetable and organic extracts based on a carefully studied and tested formulas to respect and take care of your skin in a natural way.

A gentle and fresh fragrance will cocoon all your body leaving a pleasant sense of freshness and well-being.

All bjobj Teen line products are certified ECO BIO COSMETICS, approved and certified according to LAV specification (Anti-Vivisection League), DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED and NICKEL TESTED.


Bjobj proposes a cosmetic line for the body and hair care with Olive Oil, one of the most precious vegetal oils, rich in nourishing substances and particularly seemly to our skin.Its special composition rich in fat acids (oleic, linoleic and palmitic) makes it particularly suitable for the care and beauty of the skin.

It’s one of the most moisturizing, stretching and nourishing substances existing in nature. Besides it has particular reinforcing and polishing properties also for nails and hair.

The Olive Oil contained in this line comes from organic farming and it is sagely mixed with functional extracts, other oils and butters to create highly efficient cosmetic products for body care, rich in natural ingredients and suitable to skin and hair.

All Olive Oil bjobj line products are certified ECO BIO COSMETICS, approved and certified according to LAV specification (Anti-Vivisection League), DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED and NICKEL TESTED.


After careful studies on specific, delicate and technically efficient formulas, bjobj presents an organic cosmetic line entirely dedicated to Men.

Today’s man needs specific products for face and body skin, hair and shaving, and while choosing natural and certified products he also looks for technical, efficient and delicate cosmetics because the necessities and the care for the body have remarkably increased and therefore he demands the best.

bjobj MEN line is made of four products formulated with raw materials of vegetal origin and, where possible, organic.

Natural active principles properly chosen to ensure moisturization and to make the skin supple.

All products are dermatologically tested and nickel tested to ensure the utmost tolerability.

Like all bjobj cosmetics also the Men product line is certified according to the specifications of ECO BIO COSMETICS ICEA and STOP TO TESTS ON ANIMALS by LAV.



The certified bjobj BABY cosmetic line is dedicated to babies and children.

It is extremely important to take care of the skin of a baby in the most delicate and safe way, and help him creating the right ecosystem of the skin as a first barrier to protect him from the outside.

bjobj studies the nature to find ingredients to produce safe, mild products, specially studied for the delicate and particularly sensitive skin of the baby and child.

The bjobj BABY cosmetics contain ingredients of vegetal origin, vitamins, extracts, butters and oils from organic farming, with natural soothing, lenitive, protective and nourishing properties. They do not contain aggressive substances of animal or petrochemical origin, nor synthetic colourings.

All bjobj products are ECO BIO COSMETICS certified and approved according to LAV (Anti-Vivisection League) specification, STOP TO TESTS ON ANIMALS, and are NICKEL and DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED.



Aloe vera is a plant know for its therapeutic properties.

Grow since ancient times, it is nowadays widely used in the cosmetic field.

The Aloe vera juice from organic farming, contained in the bjobj cosmetic preparations, is obtained from cold-pressing of leaves and it is used pure.

Aloe vera mixed whit ingredients of vegetable origin, extracts and essential oils from organic farming or spontaneous growth, gives origin to a cosmetic product line, innovative and natural, with lenitive and refreshing properties.

Indicated for all skin types, especially the most sensitive ones, such us babies, or in case of reddened skin due to prolonged sun exposure. Indicated for dry and fragile hair.


The bjobj Aloe vera line proposes also a range of specific products for dental care and mouth thanks to its properties.



Sea Water, contained in bjobj cosmetics, is collected in a particular area nort-west of the French coasts of Bretagne. In this area and at a specific depth, the sea water is particularly rich in chlorides, minerals and oligodynamic elements, helpful for the body care and treatment.

Sea Water, filtered, purified and mixed with substances of vegetable origin, extracts and essential oils, when possible from organic farming, gives origin to innovative, fresh and pure line with remineralizing, refreshing and toning properties.

Ideal for frequent washes and for all skin types, requiring a special lash of fresh vitality.



Organic farming Oat is a cereal rich in nutrients and a helpful treatment available from nature to take care of our skin and hair.

The Oat extract employed in bjobj cosmetic preparations is obtained through a special cold treatment.

The extraction process takes place in atmospheric pressure, at room temperature and under strict control, in order to avoid the alteration of the active ingredients sensitive to heart and preserve the peculiar organoleptic natural properties.

The Oat extract, mixed with substances of vegetable origin, fine oils, vegetable extracts and essential oils from organic farming or spontaneous growth, gives origin to a natural and pleasant-to-use cosmetic line.

Thanks to its nourishing, lenitive and softening properties, it is ideal for dry and delicate skin and for thin and fragile hair.



Clay is a combination of mineral systems well coexisting one with the other.

Among the various kinds, white clays are the most efficient in the cosmetic sector, thanks to their particular properties.

White Clay, rich in minerals, is above to give up mineral ions and to absorb, at the same time, liquid substances such as water, oils, fats.

White Clay mixed with ingredients of vegetables origin extracts and essential oils from organic farming or spontaneous growth, gives origin to a cosmetic product line, innovative and natural, with purifying and rebalancing properties.

Particularly indicated for oily and impure skin, tending to an excessive sebum formation.



The products in the Biofficina Toscana line are:

Natural: Just read the ingredients!

Certified: they adhere to ICEA standards for certifying eco-organic cosmetics. This means they contain no PEG, parabens, petrolatum, paraffin, SLS, SLES, silicones or artificial coloring.

Tested: their safety and effectiveness are guaranteed by clinical and dermatological tests conducted by the University of Pavia. They also undergo nickel testing to protect consumers from allergies and intolerances.

Biodizionario approved: formulated in accordance with Biodizionario guidelines.

Local: made with extracts of plants grown in Tuscany and with traditional Tuscan ingredients. They are made in a local laboratory specialized in making certified eco-organic cosmetics with a Quality Management System certified UNI EN ISO 9001.

Organic and bio dynamic: the plants from which the extracts are made are grown with bio dynamic agriculture, combining care for organic standards with farming techniques that respect the earth, following and supporting its natural processes. Biodynamic agriculture is also used to make quality sea buckthorn oil and hot pepper oil. Extra virgin Tuscan olive oil, honey and other ingredients used in the line come from certified organic crops.

Naturally scented and variable: their fragrances come from 100% pure fine essential oils. Because they are made with natural ingredients, they may change over time due to the cycles of natures that may cause variation in color or scents between product batches. This is a guarantee of their natural quality, which sets our products apart, imbuing them with personality, evidence of their artisan nature. This means that each product is unique and never absolutely identical to the others.

Innovative: they contain Uviox®, Oleox® and Hydropom®, three active ingredients patented for their superior innovative quality. Uviox® is made from the fresh skins of red grape selected among the richest in biophenols from certified organic agriculture. Oleox® is made from the bioliquefaction of fresh olives which have a powerful antioxidant activity. It has been proven to have an optimal effect against free radicals with the synergistic action of these two extracts in carefully regulated proportions. Hydropom® is a bio-liquefaction of tomato skins with a high concentration of lycopenes. The face cream contains Phytaluronate®, an effective natural alternative to collagen and hyaluronic acid.

Low environmental impact: in the production process, we use no petrochemical solvents and adhere to the principles of "green chemistry". For the packaging as well, we chose to use less material, forgoing boxes or leaflets and opting for screen printing instead of the usual labels to avoid creating waste when the product is finished. Our catalogs and all other informational materials are made of FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper, made of 100% recycled fibers, bleached without using chlorine.

Not tested on animals: in compliance with Directive 2003/15/EC of the European Community, our finished products are not tested on animals. We also use no animal-derived ingredients in our line (except for the organic honey and propolis) . We also adhere to the "Not tested on animals" international standard, which fights increased testing of cosmetic ingredients on animals, ensuring a "cruelty free" company policy with ICEA-LAV verification: "Stop testing on animals".
The fruits of our land come together with our driving ideas, principles and passion to make Biofficina Toscana, a line of eco-organic cosmetics certified by ICEA and adhering to the ICEA-LAV "Not Tested on Animals" international standard.

Our cosmetics unite craftsmanship and innovation (patented ingredients), and nature and science, with ongoing research, guaranteeing safety with dermatological and nickel tests.

In pursuit of true essence beyond mere image, we chose to make our beauty products from the extracts of plants grown in Tuscany with organic and biodynamic methods and fine ingredients like organic seabuck oil, organic hot pepper oil, organic olive oil and honey.

This choice was made out of the desire to use the best of our local resources in line with a "Km 0" ethos, resulting in less CO2 emissions to transport materials in the pursuit of a mission compatible with the environment in every step of the process.

True to our objectives, we chose to reduce packaging for our products forgoing the use of boxes or leaflets, opting for screen printing instead of the usual labels to avoid creating waste when the product is finished.
We believe it is essential to always have a "complete" view of the product, from its inception (and the raw materials used to make it) to its disposal in the environment.

For our business cards, we also used FSC certified paper (Forest Stewardship Council). For our catalog, we used various types of FSC certified and 100% recycled paper.

The line is produced by a local laboratory specialized in making certified eco-organic cosmetics. We drew on the center's research laboratory as well as the work of a company of university researchers. Working with the University of Bologna, the company is creating a new generation of active ingredients that are natural, certified and patented for their high degree of technological innovation.

These are just a few of the ecological choices we made to adhere to the principle think global, act local. Many more such choices can be made as our project develops...

Care for the environment is not a movement or ideology. It is the next step in our evolution. (Daniel Goleman)


 GMOs, parabens, imydazolidinyl urea, triclosan, bha, bht, edta, sls, sles, propylene glycol, synthetic colourings, petrolates, mineral oils (es: paraffine, vaselline) or lanoline, animal derived agents (except for organic honey, propolis and royal jelly)


Dr.Taffi uses also biodegradable and natural emulsifying agents, surfactants of vegetable origin.


Functional systems are dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic and vegetable origin 


According to the Uni En Iso 9001:2008 standard certificate. Certificate nr. 13837 according to “NATURAL” Bioagricert.


Company controlled by I.C.E.A. (company for ethic and ambient certification) for LAV (anti vivisection league) certification Nr. 0020. Dr.Taffi finished products have never been tested on animals, since their very first formulations.


Selected and guaranteed from technical and safety data sheets. Officinal herbs and active principles come from rigorously controlled cultures or biological cultivations.


The manufacturing cycle is strictly and constantly checked by Dr. Taffi and undergoes safety procedures.


 Every aspect has the objective to exalt the functional principles of raw materials, aiming at product effectiveness and consumer’s wellbeing.


In Dr.Taffi Bionatural Research Laboratories the synergy between the best herboristic school and the most advanced scientific technological experimentation generates sure, effective, new and ethically natural products.


Dr.Taffi has committed itself to realizing non-polluting products, using environmentally friendly materials and just indispensable packaging so that they can be easily recycled.


The deep knowledge of nature and market, especially in the “wellness” sector, which touches the field of personal wellbeing, has allowed this company to make a name for itself, offering effective and high quality preparations, produced with care and skill following strict guidelines, to those who seek beauty and wellbeing through completely natural products: these are the values which have inspired Dr. Taffi from the very beginning. Dr. Taffi products are formulated using the most precious ingredients that nature has given us: they do not contain animal components, petrolates, lauryl sulphates, artificial colouring or propylene glycol.

Dr.Taffi company selects every possible raw materials of vegetable origin. So it can create “vegetalized” cosmetics.

Certificate N°0020

Company certified according to the Uni En Iso 9001:2008.

Standard Certificate N°13837

Company certified according to the “NATURAL” Bioagricert

In Dr.Taffi Bionatural Research Laboratories, the synergy between the best herboristic school and the most advanced scientific-technological experimentation generates sure, effective, new and ethically natural products.