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Dr.Taffi BREAST CREAM PLUS&UP - natural italian skincare

natural italian skincare


$ 49.90

An exclusive formula for a natural cream with pisum sativum extract, hop, goat’s- rue, rathany and blueberry extracts, which helps breast firming up. It also helps give turgor and elasticity to the treated skin. The results are evident since the first applications: your breast will be firmer and more toned up thanks to hyaluronic acid with three molecular weights. It nourishes, moisturizes and tones up the skin with avocado and wheat germ oils and shea butter. Apply it twice a day first massaging circularly around the breasts and then from the bottom of the breast upwards, towards the neck. We recommend to massage the product also on décolleté. Avoid use during pregnancy. You can use during breast-feeding rinsing off breast before breast-feeding to baby.

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