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Blog about Hair Styling products from Biofficina Toscana

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I have a lot of curls (as you can see in the picture) and i am proud of them, but recently they were not as soft and bouncing as in the past. After i started using the hairstyle products from Biofficina Toscana my curls are looking great again. The combined anti-oxidant effect of patented Uviox-Oleox from organic Tuscan ingredients protects your hair from the oxidative stress caused by natural elements (like sun, salt and water) and chemical stresses like smog, chlorine, the heat of hair dryers and straightening irons. The targeted organic Tuscan extracts nourish your hair and make it soft, shiny, bouncing and silky. I used the Anti Frizz lotion for curly or straight hair for some time and now I am only using the Defined Curl Lotion or the Soft Curl Lotion to have soft, shiny, bouncing, great looking curls. Defined and Soft curl lotions are both vegan, while the Anti frizz lotion is not vegan as it contains honey. Our online store displays the vegan products in a separate category for the customers'convenience.

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