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Anti Frizz Lotion for straight and curly hair

The Anti Frizz lotion from Biofficina Toscana is a natural, organic innovative serum that nourishes, tames and protects frizzy, dull, unruly and stressed hair, whether curly or straight.

Always shake before use and spray and distribute it on washed, towel-dried hair. It can also be sprayed on your scalp and used in combination with our curl lotions (the defined curl lotion or the soft curled lotion)

Remember that our skin and hair care products are rich of active ingredients, therefore you need to consider them as if they were concentrates and use a far less quantity than other products. A little bit actually goes a long way. Resist the temptation of using more than necessary, as hard as it may be when you feel how good it turns out on your hair and how good it smells

The combined anti-oxidant effect of Uviox®-Oleox® from Chianti wine pomace and Crete Senesi olives protects your hair from the oxidative stress caused by natural elements (like sun and salt water) and chemical stresses like smog and chlorine, and the heat of hair dryers and straightening irons.

The combined effect of Uviox®-Oleox® is based on phenols that bind to your hair and protect it from UV-induced damage and free radical reactions caused by natural and chemical elements that damage your hair. This patented combination defends your hair from external stresses and prevents the loss of shine, leaving your hair glossy, healthy and vibrant.

Organic Tuscan honey, targeted organic Tuscan extracts of oat, flax, nettle, marrow, althea, oils and plant proteins and butters tnourish your hair, giving it life and body, making straight hair shining and making curly hair soft, naturally with an anti-frizz effect.

Its fruity-floral scent makes it a pleasure to use, leaving a subtle scent on your hair with sweet notes and a musky base.

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